Defining Problems

  During the Cooper Hewitt Design Thinking Workshop for teachers, Jessica Hurwit from Michael Graves Architecture and Design, shared the process her team went through to redesign the hospital wheelchair for the company Stryker Medical. Michael Graves, the recipient of the 2015 National Design Award for Life Achievement, was a renowned architect who after becoming … Continue reading Defining Problems


Inquiry Wall

I have been trialling approaches towards the use of learning walls in my classroom. This initially came out of a discussion with Hamish Curry from NoTosh, who encouraged me to create a space that evolved with each learning activity, encouraged reflection, questioning and the ongoing growth of ideas throughout an extended inquiry. My first challenge … Continue reading Inquiry Wall

Making Learning Visual

Recently I trialled a mud mapping activity with my year 5's. The aim of this activity was for students to collaboratively make meaningful connections and synthesise learning through the use of objects, post-it notes and sketched images. They then presented the mud map, articulating their understanding and connections regarding natural disasters, community preparedness and digital … Continue reading Making Learning Visual