Inquiry Wall


I have been trialling approaches towards the use of learning walls in my classroom. This initially came out of a discussion with Hamish Curry from NoTosh, who encouraged me to create a space that evolved with each learning activity, encouraged reflection, questioning and the ongoing growth of ideas throughout an extended inquiry.

My first challenge was the complete lack of usable wall space (I have a very open classroom space). I overcame this with an 8 meter pool cover off-cut. I managed to hang this along the length of my classroom.

My next challenge was to invest time towards using the visual space in every inquiry lesson so the display became an integral part of my teaching approach. It became my tool to reflect on previous lessons and then focus students toward developing questions, exploring empathy and connecting ideas.

The movie above is the result of a term long inquiry called, “Preparing for disaster with a digital solution.” It includes photos of experiences (such as our provocation excursion), activities, guest speaker notes, significant ideas and questions. At the end of each lesson we would identify questions we stilled needed to explore and place them on the wall.

Students really enjoyed taking ownership of the display. During lessons they would discuss what needed to be added and would often revisit previous information. My challenge in the future is finding a space in my classroom (build a makeshift wall?) where students can interact with the information by moving and adding sticky notes more easily (only the tall students could reach it:).



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